Mobile memory clinics serve residents for free in their own communities

True North Memory Clinic serves communities within a two-hour drive of Halifax or New Minas

Standardized memory tests taken over time allow people to have their memory assessed and tracked in order to have a baseline to compare future memory tests to.

Annual testing helps individuals to discover possible memory loss at its earliest stages. Just like people keep track of other health measurements, memory can also be checked periodically.

“At a certain age, people automatically start checking their blood pressure, have breast and prostate exams and start to collect routine blood work to check for certain deficiencies that are common with aging,” explains Nicole Blanchard, Director of Operations for True North. “Memory testing can be included in this list as some memory loss with age is normal, but anything more than that can be detected by having your memory tested annually.”

“Of course,” Nicole continues, “if a person is worried about their memory now, having a memory test done with us can be helpful to understand whether it is perceived memory loss or actual memory loss.”

Memory testing is a simple and quick process

Memory testing is simple and non-invasive. Each appointment takes approximately 30 minutes and the results can be sent, with consent, to a person’s family doctor. True North Memory Clinic uses two standardized tests called the Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE) and the Free and Cued Selective Reminding Test (FCSRT). These tests help to assess the current state of an individual’s memory. If they are performed annually, they can be used to track the progression of their memory ability.

Memory testing appointments can be made in either of True North’s locations in New Minas and Halifax or through their mobile memory testing service. No referral is needed.

Bringing memory testing to surrounding communities

True North Memory Clinic offers their mobile memory assessment program to communities within a two-hour drive of Halifax or New Minas. They are actively looking for locations around the province to host memory clinics. Scheduling them to come to any community is simple. All that is needed is a quiet room with one table and two chairs. Mobile memory clinics can be hosted in places like doctor’s offices, pharmacies, retirement living communities, or community centers. Some organizations choose to host mobile memory clinics in locations within Halifax and New Minas in order to make it as comfortable as possible for everyone.

“Our mobile assessments are the same as the assessments that we do at our offices. We offer this service because many people are more comfortable having an initial assessment completed in their own community rather than coming to one of our offices,” explains Steve. “With enough notice, we can arrange to have one of our staff that do the assessments to go out into the community and see anyone over 50 years old that wants their memory assessed.”

True North Memory Clinic provides the sign-up sheets as well as conducts reminder calls before the clinic date. They can also return to the same location for follow-up testing or to offer more timeslots if demand is high.

“If anyone would like to work with us to bring a mobile memory clinic to their community, please reach out so we can arrange a time and location that will work,” says Steve.

To bring the mobile memory assessment clinic to your community, simply call Steve Curwin at 1-855-378-8783. For more information about the services that True North offer, including their mobile memory clinics and ongoing clinical trials, visit them online.

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