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Two Convenient Locations

With regular free memory clinics in both Halifax and New Minas, participants can choose between two convenient locations.
Virtual Appointments are available now!

Please call us at 1-855-378-8783 to book an appointment today.

At our offices, you can expect to receive optimal care and monitoring throughout your participation in a clinical trial. Please call 1-855-378-8783, or complete the form and one of our qualified staff will contact you.


21 Roy Avenue, Suite 230
New Minas, NS, B4N 3R7

Phone: 902-365-3065, Option 2
Fax: 902-679-0544


Centricity  Research                                   Centricity Memory Clinic
36 Solutions Drive, Suite 400                       36 Solutions Drive, Suite 400
Halifax, NS, B3S 1N2                                   Halifax, NS, B3S 1N2

Phone: 902-431-8783, Option 1                    Phone: 902-431-8783, Option 1
Fax: 902-405-0318                                      Fax: 902-405-0318

Interested in partnering with Centricity Research?

Centricity Research prides itself on our strong partnerships with a range of organizations; from primary care physicians, anesthesiologists, ophthalmologists/optometrists, dermatologists, and radiologists.  If you are an organization committed to helping people maintain an improved quality of life, Centricity Research would welcome hearing from you. Contact us at