True North Clinical Research supports the Caleb’s Courage Fund

Centricity Research supports the Caleb’s, Courage Fund

SYDNEY, N.S. — A cancer diagnosis in Dr. Mark Johnston’s family was the inspiration behind Tuesday’s $25,000 donation to the Caleb’s Courage Fund, from Centricity Research. After hearing about Caleb’s Courage and the work that is being done in Cape Breton, Johnston, who has been practicing psychiatry for over 15 years and is the principal investigator at Centricity Research, a research company based in Halifax and Kentville, decided his business wanted to help sick children in Cape Breton. Centricity Research, which will be opening a free memory clinic here in Sydney within the next month, made a $25,000 donation to Caleb’s Courage to help children battling life-threatening illnesses here in Cape Breton. Johnston, whose family is originally from North Sydney and Sydney Mines, had his own terrifying experience with childhood cancer when his son, Ewan, was diagnosed with melanoma at age 15.“You can’t imagine the paralyzing fear that hits you until it does,” Dr. Johnston said in a release. “If my son’s cancer has taught me anything, it’s that support is often the only thing that gets you through. After multiple bouts of cancer and significant treatment, Ewan is well today, but his family knows all too well how the child and family suffer emotionally, financially and physically when cancer strikes. “We know what it’s like to deal with this dreadful disease, so Centricity Research wanted to make sure any other children and families, suffering this unimaginable nightmare, have the support they need to get through some of their worst days. ”Caleb MacArthur’s family was thrilled by this gift from Centricity Research. “We are very grateful to Centricity Research for their incredibly generous donation,” said Caleb’s mom, Nicole MacArthur. “This gift is particularly meaningful for our family because of the childhood cancer connection. Although our stories had very different endings, we now share a common purpose, a desire to support other children and their families who are fighting the battles of their lives. Centricity Research understands why this is one of the greatest gifts they can give.” – Cape Breton Post